Alaska CRNA Salary Information

The average CRNA salary in Alaska is $150,730. To give a clearer picture on nurse anesthetist salaries in Alaska, the 25th percentile salary is $107,260 while the 75th percentile salary for a certified registered nurse anesthetist in Alaska was $186,750. Within that range is what you can expect most nurse anesthetists to make in Alaska.

Keep in mind that CRNA salaries vary in larger metro areas (Anchorage) and also in more rural areas of Alaska. These variances will be largely a result of supply and demand for anesthesia services in those areas.

Hourly CRNA Pay in Alaska

Nurse anesthetists in Alaska that are paid hourly make $72.47 per hour on average.

All of the Alaska CRNA salary data referenced above was pulled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ compensation data: